Have I Blasphemed the Holy Spirit?


Question and answer from the Bible Answer Man broadcast.

Pat in Tyler, TX on BOTT radio: Something happened many years ago and I was questioning my salvation. I was on a trip with my husband and felt so much love for God in my heart. The clouds got dark-looking and all and I said God’s coming again and I’m not ready for Him. All of a sudden on the radio a broadcast came on about God telling Sarah she’s have a baby in her old age and I heard you have put your hand to the plough and you’re not fit for the Kingdom of God. I felt like God had just said that directly to me. I hadn’t been worrying about my salvation at all and suddenly God was speaking to me through a radio broadcast. And so my question is if I’ve blasphemed the Holy Spirit?

Hank: Pat, if you had blasphemed the Holy Spirit you would not be calling me with concern in  your voice. You would not care about Jesus Christ and you would not care about the Kingdom. The very fact that you care means that you do not have a hardened heart. You have a soft heart towards the things of the Spirit.

Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit is never an act that happened at a particular time confirmed by radio broadcasts. It is a continuous, willful, ongoing rejection of the love and grace that could be yours. So as long as you are in the flesh, as you are now, you realize you’re a sinner, you’ve repented of your sin, received Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord, you are His and He is yours. You are now a living stone in the temple of God. You are not perfect. Neither am I. But you are a living stone in the temple of God. You have received the righteousness of Jesus Christ. You are set apart through baptism now, signifying that you’ve been buried to your old life, raised to newness of life through His resurrection power. You are a child of the King and don’t let Satan deceive you or put doubt in your mind. If Jesus says “Whoever hears My Word and believes Him who sent Me, has everlasting life,” you have to say “I trust Jesus.” If you hear His Word and believe in Jesus Christ you have everlasting life.

Pat: Thank you very much for taking my call.