Does the discovery of the Higgs boson or “God particle” disprove the creation account?

In the beginning

Question and answer from the Bible Answer Man broadcast.

Q: I’ve been having some debate with some friends of mine who are atheists, and they have asked me some questions and pointed out things that I just don’t have the answer to, or a response for. For example, the recent discovery of the Higgs boson, the “God particle.” They say that disproves the theory of God’ creation and that it enhances their theory of the Big Bang.

A: Well these are people speaking out of the abundance of their own ignorance. By the way, good for you for bringing it up. We happen to have run recently an article in the CHRISTIAN RESEARCH JOURNAL on this very matter. It’s titled, “The God Particle.” It’s written by William Lane Craig . You can also find a podcast of my interview with him on the Bible Answer Man broadcast, or we can put that into your hands. But this is simply about a sub-atomic particle in the standard model of particle physics. It was the final particle in the standard model to be empirically confirmed. But, it itself, is a contingent particle. So it still needs to be created. And the philosophical naturalist has to start with this notion: that nothing creates everything; life comes from non-life; and the life that comes from non-life produced morals. What’s really exciting by the way about this discovery is that it accords with the theistic world view, not with the world view of the philosophical naturalist. Because a theoretical physicist predicted decades ago that it would exist based on mathematical theory. So a naturalistic picture of the world would have no explanation why the physical world contains that kind of remarkable mathematical structure. But theism actually explains this, in that God created the world according to a certain blueprint that He had in mind. Therefore we are able to comprehend creation; we are able to think God’s thoughts after Him. Science could not have arisen apart from a biblical world view. In the age of the Greeks, they had logic. In fact the Greeks codified the laws of logic. But, they didn’t have revelation. And reason without revelation always ends up in the blind ditch of ignorance. The Christian world view presupposes that God has placed His imprimatur on the world and that we can figure things out. It’s not a world that is ministered by moody gods, but a God who is logical, who can create such things as the majesty or the tapestry of mathematics. So, in short, as you’ll read in this article,  the “God Particle” so called, and by the way, that’s a moniker that was given to it, that has become a misnomer, as though the particle replaces God. No, the particle doesn’t replace God. In fact the particle points to God. I did an interview with William Lane Craig on this subject which is probably really worthwhile listening to. William Lane Craig just did a phenomenal job of talking about the subject.

Hank Hanegraaff